Her Sesame Street rendition of “Hot N Cold” may have been so hot that it left some parents cold, prompting the kids’ show to remove her guest spot from their 41st season, but Katy Perry definitely enjoyed working the Street. “I did “Hot N Cold” the other day, with Elmo,” she told EW in an interview over the summer. “It was the highlight of my entire career.” Perry was aware that the original song might be a little racy for kids, but she was pretty excited about the cleaned-up version they made for the show. “I think some of these songs, even though sometimes they have a naughty dimension to them, they are so pop infectious it gets into kids, just like whatever parents are saying around the house will get into kids,” she said. “And I love that “Hot N Cold” could translate to Sesame Street. I just love that. I’m gonna have kids someday, and I love that some pop star out there is gonna change their lyrics to make my kids bounce in their diapers.”

What do you think? Did Sesame Street over-react in pulling the clip, or was Perry’s outfit not ready for daytime? Is it any worse than covering Madge with “Cereal Girl”?

Reporting by Whitney Pastorek.

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