Say what you will about the way Lost wrapped up its six-year run, but few can deny that the rivalry between Island hero John Locke and Island rogue Benjamin Linus produced some awesome entertainment. Much of that had to do with the on-screen rapport of the show’s only acting Emmy winners, Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson. Both actors became close in the process of their TV sparring, and during the final season of the show, O’Quinn began talking aloud about the idea putting together a new show for him and Emerson. Now that dreaming is close to becoming reality: Yesterday, news broke that NBC was developing a new drama starring O’Quinn and Emerson produced by Lost co-creator JJ Abrams. The title and premise are hush-hush, but Abrams and co. were once kicking around a concept that would have the actors playing ex-black ops agents, entitled Odd Jobs. Sounds like the new Bruce Willis movie RED meets The Odd Couple. Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see it. Neither can Michael Emerson. We caught up with him via email and asked him for his reaction to the NBC pick-up. He couldn’t say much about the project itself — but as you can tell from his punctuation, he’s pretty !!! about the whole thing.

“I really am AMAZED that what started out as some kidding-around on the set of LOST has turned into a network TV reality! I’m still reeling from this sudden turn of events. I’m an actor who has never even succeeded in testing for a pilot and here I find myself involved in a project custom-built for Terry and me! Can’t tell you how thrilling it is to be part of the Bad Robot family and enter into this exciting collaboration with Warner Brothers and NBC! Have we ARRIVED or what?! But best of all will be that day when Terry and I show up on the set of a brand new show, look around, shrug our shoulders and say “Let’s get started!” My fingers are crossed! (Did I use enough exclamation points? Ha!)”

What do you think, Popwatchers? Does all of this sound !!! to you? Hopefully O’Quinn and Emerson can play some beautiful acting music together like this classic scene from Lost–minus the keyboard kitty cat, of course.

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