By Leah Greenblatt
September 22, 2010 at 03:41 PM EDT

Some five weeks into tour—and several days after an unsettling appearance in Houston, Texas—Stone Temple Pilots have officially rescheduled a dozen dates in order to “take a short break.”

According to Craig Hlavaty of The Houston Press, the band took to the Woodlands stage on Sunday an hour or so after openers Black Rebel Motorcyle Club. He writes: “A report about Sunday night cannot come without word on Weiland’s condition onstage, in light of his lateness.  He seemed off mentally, a little too meandering and talkative, bringing up his own past drug and alcohol abuse. At one point he did claim that he traded the hard stuff for boozing.”

In response to a flood of reader comments, many of them expressing extreme disappointment with the short set, Weiland’s odd behavior, and purported use of backing tapes, Hlvatay later elaborated: “Weiland’s banter in between songs was odd and confusing. He touched on using inner-ear monitors, the band’s first gigs, his own past drug use, what grunge means to him and why bands don’t destroy gear anymore. It just so happens we didn’t make the review about all this because we wanted to review the music, and not poke easy fun at what looked to be a public meltdown.”

He does also note that the band’s late start may have been due to travel difficulties; a commenter who works at a nearby airport posted that the band was delayed by management and airline miscommunication, and that Weiland had not yet landed in Houston when openers BRMC took to the stage.

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