By Margaret Lyons
September 22, 2010 at 06:13 PM EDT

Image Credit: Scott ClarkeSeth Meyers will reprise his gig hosting the ESPYs next summer, which is I guess good news? For some? I’m not sure who else was in the running — maybe Samuel L. Jackson, who’s hosted the show four times — and Meyers was competent last year. What’s tough about the ESPYs is that athletes aren’t well known for their ability to take jokes about themselves, and even Meyers’ monologue was met with a lot of confused stares:

See? Meyers was fine. Next summer, though, it seems like the way to go is just abject silliness or stuff that would be funny with or without a sports context.

Are you a big ESPYs devotee, PopWatchers? What would you do to make them funny — or just fun?