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Question: Okay, so in order for me to make it till Thursday, I need some Grey’s Anatomy scoop—specifically on Mer-Der. —Olivia

Ausiello: By the time Meredith tells Derek about her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage in next week’s episode, she will have kept both secrets for a grand total of three months. Why wait so long? “The man was shot, and he’s already feeling [responsible] for getting a bunch of people killed,” explains series creator Shonda Rhimes. “So for her to tell him that the shooting also caused her miscarriage seems a little bit cruel. He doesn’t need one more thing to worry about.” Makes sense to me!

Question: I’d love a little Grey’s Anatomy scoopbit. —Christine

Ausiello: Yet another Buffy grad is checking into Seattle Grace. Amber Benson (ex-Tara) will guest-star in this season’s seventh episode as the estranged daughter of one of Cristina’s patients.

Question: Any scoop on Ziva’s story line on NCIS? —Jennifer

Ausiello: During November sweeps, Ziva “comes face-to-face with her father for the first time since her return from Israel,” reveals exec producer Shane Brennan. “It’s an emotion-charged reunion in a two-part episode that also reveals much about the enigmatic Eli David and one of the other team members.”

Question: I am just wondering about NCIS: Los Angeles and the status of Peter Cambor and his character Nate; in the premiere episode he’s only listed as a special guest star. What’s going on? —Kevin

Ausiello: You’ll get your answer in next week’s episode.

Question: I think you’ve been a little stingy with The Vampire Diaries scoop. How about some enlightenment? —Robin

Ausiello: How about some casting scoop? She Spies alum (and season 7 American Idol almost-finalist) Natashia Williams has landed the role of Lucy, a mysterious hipster who possesses a fun swagger. How’s that for a vague spoiler?

Question: Do you have any Community scoop for me? —Florian

Ausiello: Series creator Dan Harmon breaks down how the Annie/Jeff/Britta triangle will play out this season: “Annie exists, Jeff exists, and Britta exists. And the attractions between them exist. Britta and Jeff had sex. Annie and Jeff kissed. Conflicts between all of them exist, and we do touch on that on and off. We established in the first season that it is okay for us to touch on the romantic element sometimes, [but] there doesn’t have to be a will-they-or-won’t-they that drives the show. In real life, there is an intersecting of love lives and sometimes they flare up into massive complications. We deal with the fallout of the behavior that Jeff engaged in in the finale thoroughly and tremendously in the first episode. There are people who like single Britta and people who hate couples and people who are in one couple’s court, so we have lots of options and I think we will make all of them happy sometimes.”

Question: Any scoop on Community‘s Apollo 13 homage? —Amber

Ausiello: Alison Brie dropped this bombshell during our set visit last week: “Kentucky Fried Chicken is involved. Not sure if that helps you out or not, but I know for me when I think KFC, I think space immediately. KFC is the final frontier.”

Question: A Brothers & Sisters scoop ahead of this weekend’s season premiere? —Kelly

Ausiello: Justin the golden child will replace Justin the hothead screwup this season. “Justin returns from Afghanistan a very different Justin,” reveals exec producer David Marshall Grant. “We all felt that it was time for him to grow up. He becomes a much more strong and a much more helpful force in the Walker family. I don’t think Justin is going to be the problem anymore as much as he might be the solution.”

Question: If my math is correct, Brothers & Sisters will be celebrating its 100th episode this season. Anything special planned? —Matt

Ausiello: Sandra Bullock is guest-starring as William Walker’s latest bastard child. And off screen, ABC will probably host a little cake-and-champagne reception for the cast and crew. One of those is true. The other one is a complete fabrication. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Have we seen the last of Lucas on House? —Kirsty

Ausiello: My guess? Yes. You haven’t, however, seen the last of his portrayer, Michael Weston, on Fox. The actor has signed on to guest-star in an upcoming episode of The Good Guys, which has its fall premiere this Friday. Weston plays Carson, the genial owner of a bed-and-breakfast where Jack spends a weekend. Carson is all smiles and pleasant conversation, but Jack senses something is off about him and delves into his past—which leads him to an unsolved crime he may have been part of.

Question: You saw the first two episodes of Fringe! Spill some details, please! Will Peter be getting hot ‘n’ heavy with Bolivia? —Mena

Ausiello: For the record, I prefer Fauxlivia. And yes, there’s some playful dancing and a scorching couch seduction in episode 2. Other tidbits from the immensely satisfying first two hours:

* Walter has The Talk with Peter.

* Walter *ar*s!

* William Bell’s final message to Walter is as follows: Don’t ** a***i* to **o** the ***e.

* Anna Torv deserves an Emmy nomination for the premiere alone.

* Fauxlivia puts a gun to Peter’s head and pulls the trigger not once but twice.

Question: I keep hearing whispers that Gossip Girl might dare to “Dair.” Is this true or am I hearing things? —Kristin

Ausiello: While I can’t confirm that Dan and Blair will hook up, I can confirm that they will team up to take down Katie Cassidy’s meddling minx.

Question: Any scoop on Dexter? —Mike

Ausiello: New showrunner Chip Johannessen promised he was going to go there with Deb and Quinn, and, man, does he ever. And quick.

Question: Scoop on Amy Ryan’s return to The Office? —Pete

Ausiello: Her first in-the-flesh appearance will be in the Christmas episode when Holly is transferred back to Scranton to sub for Toby, who’s on jury duty. Mindy Kaling is penning the special hour-long episode, and Rainn Wilson is serving as director, which I think means craft services turns into a makeshift bar that week.

Question: Castle scoop, please? —Ellen

Ausiello: Scrubs: Med School alum Michael Mosley will be guest-starring in an episode tentatively scheduled to air in November. No details on who he’s playing.

Question: I’m a Charice fan and was wondering when we’ll see her again on Glee? —Mauruce

Ausiello: Probably not until after sectionals in January. That girl’s got pipes to spare!

Question: Cheyenne Jackson’s 30-second cameo on Glee this week was fantastic, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him. But does this mean we’ve seen the last of Danny on 30 Rock? —John

Ausiello: You have not seen the last of Danny on 30 Rock. Jackson will be among the guest stars in the Oct. 14 live episode!

Question: Please give me more scoop on Addison and Sam from Private Practice. Will they be together or won’t they? —Virginia

Ausiello: All I’ll say is you’ll know exactly where they stand as a couple by the end of this week’s season premiere.

Question: The looming Private Practice tragedy that you teased in AA last week—is that connected to the blind item about an HIV story line? —Michael

Ausiello: No, the HIV plot takes place on a CW show. The Private Practice tragedy doesn’t involve a disease.

Question: I loved Cuddy’s new assistant on the House season premiere. Any word on whether we will ever get to see him again? I’ll love you forever if you say yes! —Janine

Ausiello: Prepare to loathe me forever: There are no immediate plans for Chris Conner (Bones, The Assistants) to be back.

Question: Just out of curiosity, do you think House and Cuddy really have a fighting chance to make it as a couple? —Erin

Ausiello: If they can survive the arrival of Cuddy’s mother (as played by Candice Bergen), then I’m pretty sure they can survive anything. “House is going to meet her mom, and she is a handful,” previews series creator David Shore. “It’s always nice to have House come up against people with whom, whether he likes to admit it or not, he has something in common. They’re not the same person, but there are parallels—and they’re not attractive parallels.” Bonus scoop: In next Monday’s episode, look for Cuddy to go to great, um, lengths to prove to Wilson that she is indeed dating House.

Question: What can you tell us about the 200th episode of Smallville? Rumor has it there is going to be a major Clois moment in that episode. —Lisa

Ausiello: I can confirm that the final shot in the episode will drive Clois fans bonkers. I can also confirm that Kristin Kreuk will make a cameo appearance…sort of. The landmark episode contains a Lana flashback.

Question: I know you’ve probably been getting tons of requests for this, but any more scoop on the wedding blind item? Perhaps an exact network? —Maggie

Ausiello: How about an exact show?It’s How I Met Your Mother. Did anyone spot the clues in Monday’s episode?!

Question: Did you break your wrist falling off a bridge? —Haley

Ausiello: No.

Question: You broke your wrist falling off a corner? —Luci

Ausiello: Nope, I sure didn’t.

Question: You broke your wrist falling off a donkey? —Anna

Ausiello: Nah.

Question: Falling off a ladder? —Lesley

Ausiello: Wrong.

Question: Taking off a jacket? —Anthony

Ausiello: Negatory.

Question: Falling off a Jet Ski? —Christopher

Ausiello: Denied.

Question: Hanging off a branch? —Miguel

Ausiello: False.

Question: Falling off a toilet? —Ron

Ausiello: Incorrect.

Question: Asking for a **o* *o*? —Sue

Ausiello: You kiss your mother with that mouth? No.

Question: *a*k**g o** a monkey? —Aaron

Ausiello: That’s disgusting. No.

Question: *a*k**g o** a source? —Joshua

Ausiello: It is getting competitive out there, but no.

Question: Falling off a seesaw? —Reana

Ausiello: Yes! Congratulations! You just won a replica of Gregory House’s legendary walking stick! For the record, Reana was one of two readers (out of 674 who participated) to correctly guess seesaw. Also for the record, turns out my wrist didn’t actually break. Further tests showed that it was just a triangular fibrocartilage complex injury (a.k.a. a bad freakin’ sprain). Bottom line: Looks like I’ll be able to carry the Smurf balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade after all!

Question: Is there any news at all about the Pushing Daisies comic books? —Eric

Ausiello: Here’s an update from Bryan Fuller himself: “Issue number 1 will hopefully be out in early 2011, issue number 2 is being colored as we speak, and issue number 3 is being written. Our Emmy-award-winning composer Jim Dooley and I have been talking about giving the audience a multimedia experience with the comic—specifically a score. We have no idea whether we can actually afford to do an actual Pushing Daisies comic soundtrack (because the cast has agreed to sing songs and those licensing fees are expensive), but Jim has already started composing musical cues that we will either release officially or stream for freesies online when the comic book is published. I’ve already heard the track for Lee Pace’s cover ditty and it’s fantastic.”

Question: Have you made your picks yet for best new fall show and first new fall show to be canceled? —Alex

Ausiello: Sadly, they’re one and the same: Lone Star.

Question: I just finished watching the second season of Parks and Recreation and it was incredible. The season finale made me want to laugh, cry, and everything in between. Can you please give me some scoop to lull me over until it returns? —Avery

Ausiello: With Amy Poehler’s maternity leave wrapping up, the show resumes production next week with an episode that pits Leslie against a local tribal leader who’s determined to preserve his ancestors’ sacred grounds.

Question: How about a Friday Night Lights spoiler? —Steve

Ausiello: In the fifth episode of the new season, the wife of a college TA screams the following words in a crowded library: “Julie Taylor is a whore!”

Question: I just saw the premiere of The Event, and it was so good! Do you have any scoops? —Marie-Eve

Ausiello: I just watched next week’s episode and was completely satisfied with both the quality and quantity of the answers we got. In addition to learning what happened to the plane and its inhabitants, we find out what turned Scott Patterson into the pilot from hell and who exactly The Others (a.k.a. Laura Innes & Co.) are. Bonus scoops: A rather pivotal character from the premiere is murdered, and someone else is not who he/she claims to be.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to Also, you can follow me on Twitter via @michaelausiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell)

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