September 21, 2010 at 03:22 PM EDT

If you remain unsure about whether ubiquitous singer Katy Perry is annoying with her Betty Boop eyes and whip cream-shooting bikini or actually a pure pop delight, take a look at her cameo appearance on the new season (the 41st! debuting Sept. 27!) of Sesame Street. She may in fact be the most adorable creature alive:

UPDATE: Katy Perry ‘Sesame Street’ appearance gets yanked over negative feedback

Other upcoming celebrity guests include Kara DioGuardi (on the subject of pasta, not singing), Colin Farrell, Wanda Sykes, Chris O’Donnell, and Oprah Winfrey, who lends her voice to the letter O. And if I wasn’t already convinced that I’d leave my devoted husband were Jason Bateman ever to, you know, invite me to go on a walk or out for half-price appetizers or on a Hawaii honeymoon, then he had to up and try to comfort a penguin puppet. Oh, to be Elmo for a day.

Well, grown-ups with kids, talk to me. Do you sometimes find yourself watching Sesame Street long after your toddler has lost interest and left the room? What celebrity could benefit from a Sesame Street cameo ASAP? And who has done it best in the past? I’m torn between Neil Patrick Harris and Ricky Gervais….

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