On the ranking of fictitious schools I would love to see in reality, the Michael Cera School of Acting is easily in the top 3 (Hogwarts is the perpetual reigning champion). I feel like I must come clean with you, PopWatchers: I am a big Michael Cera fan. There’s something about his awkward charm that has made me a devotee since the first time I saw little George Michael gaze longingly at Maeby on Arrested Development. I even watched Year One! Thus, my love for all things Cera has made me super excited all day about a video advertisement for the Michael Cera School of Acting that has been circulating the Interwebs this morning:

If this school were to ever exist, I will gladly lend my talents to teach aspiring Cera-followers how to interact with women. I can even make a great awkward-off judge.

Maybe this is a video that should’ve been created a couple of years ago when Juno and Superbad turned Michael into a serious movie actor. (You know, around the time when Cera-fatigue seemed to set in.) But really, there’s no wrong time for anything Michael Cera. Think of it this way, Cera fans, this video can hold you over in a winter with no projects on the big screen until the hopeful and uber-long awaited Arrested Development movie or the rumored starring role in the big screen Gilligan’s Island remake.