By Abby West
Updated September 21, 2010 at 06:49 PM EDT

“Hey, it’s FREEEDD!!!” What? You don’t know Fred, the weird “kid” with the high-pitched voice that sounds like he’s sucked on helium? Fred, whose Youtube channel has had 602 million video views since it began in 2006? Fred, whose Nickelodeon movie debuted to 7.6 million viewers last week and became the No. 1 movie on basic cable this year? Well, you can bet your kids do, and with his second album dropping today, you really should too.

Fred, who’s the creation of portrayer Lucas Cruikshank, is releasing Who’s Ready to Party?, which features his signature quirkiness with songs like the title track and “Don’t Forget to Brush.”

“Since Fred always talked about how he wants to be a singer — in the movie and in the Internet videos — it was really a perfect fit to do a music album,” says Cruikshank, 17, who settled on producers Robbie Nevil and Matthew Gerrard (High School Musical, Jordin Sparks, Justin McCarthy). “They put together a catchy but funny album. I’m really happy with it.”

Cruikshank created the character when he was 13 and has steadily built his fanbase. He won a Teen Choice Award for Favorite Online Celebrity and appeared on hit teen television shows, iCarly and Hannah Montana.

Another Fred album may not be out of the realm of possibility but Lucas “would rather focus on acting and writing and all that stuff and see where it’s going. Don’t look for a Lucas solo album.”

But you should keep an eye out for Cruikshank’s other projects, like an upcoming Nickelodeon show called Marvin, Marvin. “It’s kind of like Third Rock From the Sun and Mork & Mindy. It’s about this guy who’s a teenager in high school who doesn’t really fit in because he’s from another planet.”

Odds are his Fred fans will show up hoping it for it to be, as Fred would say, hacking awesome.