Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“As soon as the show started last night I was looking for some ‘gems’ and…as Tom was introducing Brandy’s segment I spotted a resurrected Roy Orbison behind him in the audience! Who knew he was such a fan?!” —queue55, endorsed by JH and glenn

“Over-enthusiastic Chimes Lady seems to have been replaced by Under-enthusiastic Bongo Guy. He had a deer caught in the headlights look on his face as he lackadaisically played along, like he didn’t think the cameras would ever pan his way.” —orville

“Hidden gem alert: Who is the random shadow-person on the left staircase at the beginning of the show before the stars come out? A camera person? An alien from Planet Mirrorballus perhaps?” —Colleen

“Brooke Burke’s dress looks like Lea Thompson’s dress from Back to the Future II (when she’s married to Biff).” —Karen, endorsed by alison

“That odd purple starfish piece on the top of Brooke’s dress looked like an alien trying to suck the lifeblood from her.” —MLM

“Did anyone else see Maks slap Audrina on the backside as she entered the celebre-quarium? Tacky!” —Kim

“Maksim trying to get a high five from Kym and Hoff as they came in to get their scores and getting denied. He settled for the back pat.” —Craig, endorsed by tkemoses

“Right at the end of Louis van Amstel’s pro intro, he’s literally doing splits on the side of a building. Albeit, probably a fake building in a soundstage. But still, the image remains: Louis van Amstel, legs aspread, arms in the air, WTF, magnificent.” —annie, endorsed by IAA Evan, LP, and Gio Gio

“Kurt Warner’s daughter giving Len the stink eye…wow.” —kt, endorsed by gigi, Colleen

“Anna Tre-BUN-skaya’s ‘Oops…She Did It Again’ glance to the camera after Brooke mispronounced her name.” —’s Fringe Fairy

“The old ladies behind Tom when he introduced The Situation having a super-intense conversation, which in my mind consisted of them discussing what a ‘situation’ is. —kt, endorsed by gigi, JH, IAA Evan, Gio Gio, and Manda.

“WHITE PANTS…after LABOR DAY!!! Lucky for them Serial Mom was nowhere to be found!” —Heather A.

(The above ladies were featured this morning as Dlisted’s esteemed “Hot Sluts of the Day!” but I think “Hidden Gems of the Week” has a much more age-appropriate ring to it. These gems are Tom Bergeron’s friends, you know? Show some respect!)

AUDIO-ONLY HIDDEN GEM! “Tom Bergeron’s barely contained giggle when he announced him as ‘The Situation’ right before he danced.” —Christine

“Guy in the blue shirt at the airport taking a picture of Karina & Mike and then totally looking off like ‘hey what’s over there? Because I am really pretending I am so NOT interested in the sorta famous people over here.’” —JH

“Tony golf clapping after Karina and The Situation’s dance.” —tara

“Jamie Lee Curtis looking at Tom ever-so-admirably while he introduced Jennifer’s package. Plus they have the same haircut!” —kt, endorsed by gigi, orville, and Pumpkin Pies

“Like she’s thinking ‘maybe he’ll be introducing me up there someday…’” —JH

“She was always in good lighting compared to the rest of the audience, like an angel — a stalker, angel-y twin of Tom Bergeron.” —Manda

“The look on Kym’s face after Kyle and Lacey did their dance. She was shaking her head with a look of total disgust. Kind of like the way I felt!” —Ms. Dipesto

“Hidden Gem nomination: the lady standing in front of the ‘Celebrequarium’ with a white babydoll sweater with a big ‘ol pink bow design across the chest. Girl, you have to step up your fashion game to be in the DWTS audience, especially in such a prime location!” —amber

“Did anyone else notice how fabulous Lacey’s costume was? Her vest actually said ‘VOTE KYLE VOTE LACEY’ and probably other fabulous hidden gems in addition to the Minnie Mouse hair band.” —Emily

“Carrie Ann shaking her finger in disapproval when Bruno said he wanted to take Kyle Massey home with him.” —Corran, endorsed by Lisa and MLM

“After Len said he was Rick Fox’s twin, Bruno’s eyes seemed to go demonic.” —A

“While backstage with Awkward Brooke, did you see Michael Bolton motion for people to phone in and vote? He dialed his invisible ROTARY phone!” —KelbelDance, endorsed by IAA Evan

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for your fabulous submissions!

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