By Margaret Lyons
Updated September 21, 2010 at 03:33 PM EDT
Credit: Vivian Zink/NBC

Image Credit: Vivian Zink/NBCSo there I was, all ready to kind of loathe Chase for being predictable, unoriginal, and vaguely stupid. And while its pilot was all those things — and more! — I found myself kind of enjoying it anyway. Who am I?!

Chase is a Jerry Bruckheimer show in every conceivable capacity. It’s action-heavy and high on adrenaline. Indeed a good amount of the pilot episode was in fact spent chasing: on foot, in a helicopter, in a river, through a rodeo, etc. But to the show’s credit, those chases were really exciting! Sure, Kelli Giddish’s Annie Frost (oy) is somewhere in the Olivia Benson/Temperance Brennan spectrum of Female Crime Solver With Criminal-Daddy Issues, but the show didn’t dwell long enough on that for it to bug me.

And yet… last night’s fugitive of the week, a sort of Josh Hollowy-lite Travis Fimmel as Mason, was one of the creepiest, most invigorating villains I’ve seen on a procedural in a long time. Yes, I’m always happy to see Prison Break‘s Amaury Nolasco and The L Word‘s Rose Rollins, but the real star of last night’s premiere was definitely the country music-loving murderer/thief who never got over his first love. (Again, not reinventing the wheel, but taking it for a pretty good spin.)

Did you watch Chase last night, PopWatchers? Was it too reminiscent of other cop shows for you, or did you kind of dig it?