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Updated September 20, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Art Streiber/NBC; Robert Voets/CBS; Bob Mahoney/The CWLast week, we wrote an item about Thursday at 8 p.m. being one of the fall’s fiercest timeslots with The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Community, The Vampire Diaries, and 30 Rock — veteran shows with loyal fanbases who’d need at least two DVRs to see them allon the night they air. People who follow exec producers Hart Hanson (Bones), Bill Prady (TBBT), Dan Harmon (Community), and Julie Plec (TVD) on Twitter know it’s a civil war — and that this week, which finds them all facing each other for the first time this season, is going to be highly entertaining. Below, the Twitter exchange that started last Thursday and continues this morning…. Any other showrunners mobilizing and preparing for battle on Twitter? We want to watch…

Hart Hanson: This is the kind of thing that sends chills. RT/ @billprady Hey @wilw — we’re going to try to get #bigbangtheory to trend next week for the premiere.

Hart Hanson: This is the kind of thing that sends chills: RT @EW If you could only watch one show on Thursdays at 8 pm …?

Julie Plec: @HartHanson Oh, it’s ON!!!!

Hart Hanson: @julieplec Fists up! Bobbing …. weaving … jab, jab, jab … shuffle/shuffle … and that’s just a sample baby. An amuse-bouche.

Julie Plec: @HartHanson You have “Angel”. You’ve already won. (fan-girl sigh….)

Hart Hanson: @julieplec (He doesn’t like it if you call him that …)

Noah Hawley, creator of new ABC show My Generation, also in this timeslot: We’re gonna need a bigger boat. RT @HartHanson This is the kind of thing that sends chills:

Hart Hanson: @noahhawley Honest to God, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” is my motto this year and still in the dory.

Hart Hanson: Hey, @danharmon — I hear that you and I are “OTP”. Do you know what that means? Is it good? You and your tequila shots…

Dan Harmon: @harthanson I wondered, too. Given our identical reactions, my first guess is “Old Tired People.” Sigh. I’ll look it up.

Dan Harmon: @HartHanson “The One True Pairing (OTP) is the couple that a fan prefers over all other ‘ships.” Well…we did it.

Hart Hanson: @danharmon One True Pairing? Doesn’t that sound sort of epic? Like it would stop the end of the world or stop time? Let’s ask @DamonLindelof

Bill Prady: Hey, what happens this Thursday at 8/7C?

Dan Harmon: Mom “doesn’t know what to do” about Community and Big Bang at 8. Dad suggests shirts might sway them. Sending their address to @billprady

Dan Harmon: Guys, my Mom has a DVR. She’s not choosing which show to watch, she’s choosing which to record while watching Bones (for real).

Hart Hanson: @danharmon I’m totally prepared to send your Mom some swag.

Dan Harmon: @HartHanson I just have to find her address. Man, no wonder she watches your show. She can tell you’re a better son.

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