September 20, 2010 at 02:09 PM EDT

The director of Lindsay Lohan‘s next film, Inferno, tells the L.A. Times he is unsure whether her latest bout of legal troubles will affect the project. Matthew Wilder, who is directing Lohan in Linda Lovelace biopic Inferno, said in an email to the paper that he is waiting for the results of her next court hearing, which could send her back to jail if she has failed a drug test. “Let’s see what the judge says,” Wilder told the Times.

Meanwhile, Inferno producer Chris Hanley spoke to People and expressed his support for the actress. “We do believe that Lindsay’s talent does weigh very heavily in this matter,” Hanley tells People. “Addictive personality disorder issues are pervasive in the film industry. I have worked with Robert Downey and others on movies I have made, and, frankly, talent and passion for a project matter the most to me.”

Inferno was scheduled to begin shooting in November.


Lindsay Lohan fails her drug test. When do you stop rooting for a comeback?

Lindsay Lohan admits she failed drug test

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