September 20, 2010 at 10:15 PM EDT

Image Credit: Wilford Harewood/BravoBecause we live in a strange, strange world, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has released a follow-up single to last year’s ridiculous “Tardy for the Party.” This time, she’s preaching the benefits of the Internet, encouraging all of her adoring fans, possible suitors, and reality show creators to “Google Me” (Not to be mistaken with former My Super Sweet Sixteen subject Teyana Taylor‘s 2008 single). But lest you forget who Ms. Zolciak is amidst the sea of horrifying but hypnotic Housewives‘ singles, she reminds you: “I’m not the same as them (the same as them), my name is Kim!” Check out a sneak peek at Gawker.TV.

What do you think, PopWatchers: Is “Google Me” better than “Tardy for the Party”? Which Housewives star (if any) has the greatest chance at a legitimate singing career?

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