By Nicole Sperling
Updated September 18, 2010 at 03:05 PM EDT

Image Credit: Claire FolgerWell, it’s clear the adult movie-going audience has not been served for some time now, for that starving crowd came out in droves Friday night to see Ben Affleck’s The Town. The film, which also stars Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm, nabbed over $8 million, a number that could translate into a $24 million weekend — and the No. 1 spot on the charts. That’s quite a feat for Affleck, whose directorial debut, 2007’s Gone Baby Gone, grossed a total of $20 million in its entire run.

The Emma Stone-starrer Easy A also performed well on Friday, snarking up close to $7 million for a weekend that could reach between $17-$18 million. Both films far out-performed Devil, which earned less than $5 million on Friday night. The horror film produced by M. Night Shyamalan is now on track to gross somewhere in the $13 million range for the frame.

Spot four went to last weekend’s winner Resident Evil: Afterlife. The Milla Jovovich-starrer grossed around $3 million on Friday, a steep drop-off from last weekend’s opener. As such, the film will likely fall north of 60 percent for a weekend that will wind up just under $10 million. The fifth spot went to the fourth new wide release of the weekend, the kid-centric Alpha and Omega. Grossing just over $2 million on Friday, the PG-rated flick, which actually represents Dennis Hopper’s last work before his death (he voices one of the characters), will likely earn less than $9 million for the frame.

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