By Annie Barrett
September 17, 2010 at 05:54 PM EDT

It’s my favorite day of the year! “New words, senses, and phrases have been added to the New Oxford English Dictionary!” Among the boring ones like “big media” and something called “cloud computing” (clearly an acid trip-induced flight of fantasy in the Internet’s wild imagination) are staycation, LMAO, LBD, tramp stamp, TTYL, unfriend, and webisode. “What’s not to like?” No, really, that is one of the New Phrases. And the answer is a lot.

We must decide which is the most glaring omission from the OED’s new roster. Michael Slezak thinks it’s Idoloonie (n., human obsessed with American Idol), and I think it’s DANCMSTR (n., human obsessed with Dancing With the Stars or Len Goodman, the MASTR himself; derivative: the vanity license plate on the head judge’s stretch limo). But we are merely two self-centered people with low-level lives who would like to feel justified when we use the write-in option under “Other” when asked about our race. I think we both know doucheboat is going to win.

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