By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated August 03, 2020 at 06:47 PM EDT
Credit: VH1

Image Credit: VH1The new season for Fantasia for Real premieres Sunday, and in the new four-minute trailer for the season, released today, we see exactly how much of her attempted suicide via overdose was filmed by cameras. Answer: a lot. (Watch the video after the jump)

It always makes me uncomfortable to see (what are supposed to be) very personal moments on television. You could argue that any sex shown on reality TV — even the censored kind — is a “personal moment,” but I hate to say, I’ve become desensitized to that. (Thanks, Jersey Shore.) No, I’m talking about very personal moments. The ones that are about hitting rock bottom. I can watch Intervention for some reason, and I think that’s because I’m expecting to see folks in a bad place while tuning in. I’ve signed up for the ride. The same goes for Shore and old-school Real World.

In the case of Fantasia for Real, the show is supposed to be about a singer, performer, former American Idol winner, and mom. That’s her life. That’s what I expect to see. So when something like suicide get’s thrown into the mix — and to see her untangling the many wires attached to her in the hospital — it feels wrong to be watching. Not to make a victim out of her, or to vilify the network. All parties must have agreed to show the experience and had reasons why they wanted to. But, as a viewer, I know I’ll get squeamish watching — if I decide to at all.

What about you, PopWatchers? When is a reality show too real for you as a viewer? Fantasia fans, will you be watching? And did anyone else tear up just a little while watching the promo (especially around the 3:50 mark!)?

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