By Catherine Fuentes
September 16, 2010 at 09:08 PM EDT

While it may seem like celebrities are quitting Twitter left and right, many believe that it’s best to be fashionably late and are just now jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. Steve Martin is the latest mega-celebrity to start a Twitter account, using his @SteveMartinToGo handle to pontificate on life, and of course, crack some jokes. This, PopWatchers, is the beauty of the Twitter Circle of Life; when some celebrities quit, others begin their Twitter journey. And Steve Martin Tweeting? This is a major Twitter upgrade.

Steve Martin is a busy guy. He acts, he writes children’s books, he plays banjo at major music festivals like Bonnaroo, and now, he is chronicling all of the above — and more — on Twitter. I don’t mind seeing mention of all of projects on Twitter, because I really like Steve Martin in all that he does, but what makes his Twitter such a good celebrity account, are the sheer random bits of humor he is putting up. It’s not at Kanye West levels, but I like seeing his internal monologue run its course in some multi-Tweet strings. Texting and tweeting while driving and his competition with Alec Baldwin are all covered in his one-week-old account.

While I’m following his account for the laugh factor, I’m really holding out hope that he’ll use his Twitter to make a big announcement that there will be a reprisal of his Father of the Bride role George Banks. I can dream.

What do you think PopWatchers? Are you excited that Steve Martin finally joined the Twitterverse? Which other celebrities would you like to see Tweeting?