By Brad Wete
September 16, 2010 at 06:18 PM EDT

Image Credit: Theo Wargo/WireImage.comGaga fatigue? Who’s suffering from that? Certainly not our U.K. Music Mixers across the pond. MTV reports that Lady Gaga‘s 2008 debut album, The Fame, has trumped rock band Oasis’ record for the most weeks on the U.K. charts, according to Guinness World Record organization. Several singles from the The Fame, including “Poker Face” and “Just Dance,” have charted in their top 75 for a stretch of 154 straight weeks. That beats Oasis’ streak of 134 weeks.

Gaga’s also earns the title of the Most Searched-For Female on the Internet, pushing reigning champ Sarah Palin aside in the 2011 edition of the Guinness records book. It just never ends with Gaga. One day she’s on the cover of a magazine in a meat bathing suit. Next she’s accepting awards at the VMAs. And lets not forget that she is the queen of Twitter.

What do you think it is about Gaga that makes her so irresistible? Maybe it’s her big records and videos that are more like short movies. Or is is those wacky outfits? Let us know what you think.

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