It hasn’t even been six months since Lost was laid to rest, and already J.J. Abrams is heading to another island. According to Variety, Fox has given a pilot commitment to a pitch from Abrams for Alcatraz, a new show based on a script by Lost writer Elizabeth Sarnoff. No plot details have been announced, but as previously reported by EW’s Lynette Rice, the action will take place in the legendary San Francisco prison that housed such colorfully named bad guys as George “Machine Gun” Kelly and Alvin “Creepy Karpis” Karpavicz — not to mention Al Capone himself.

Of course, Alcatraz has been a favorite setting for movies and TV shows ever since it closed in 1963: Clint Eastwood wanted off in 1979’s Escape from Alcatraz; Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage wanted on in 1996’s The Rock. But with Abrams at the helm, we’ve got a hunch this iteration will put a new twist on the old island. Mysterious patterns in the Bay Area, anyone? Or how about some deep religious symbolism among the inmates? Or even just some chunky knit sweaters and a prison-cell love triangle? Too much?

What kind of spin do you think Abrams & Co. will put on Alcatraz, PopWatchers?

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