TNT has ordered a third season of the Jada Pinkett Smith hospital drama HawthoRNe, the network confirms. I randomly fast-forwarded through the season 2 finale On Demand last weekend — I’m a sucker for a hospital having to be evacuated, on the day of its big inspection, when electrical problems stop elevators from working, so people say things like, “Tom, we can’t open her head right here in the hallway.” (And they didn’t do it. Firefighters finally reached them right as someone went looking for the drill. Disappointing.) The episode felt like a series finale to me, with Chief Nursing Officer Christina (Pinkett Smith) and Dr. Tom (Michael Vartan) reuniting after the incident.

Tom turns a celebratory hug into a kiss.

Tom: I’m sorry, that was inappropriate.

Christina: No, Tom. You know I love you, right?

Tom: Yeah.

Christina: I need you.

Tom: I can’t be myself without you in my life, Christina. I’m so tired of playing these games and hurting each other. [That’s a wrap-up line, right?]

Christina: Okay then, let’s stop.

Tom: Okay.

Christina: Okay.

Tom: I love you.

Christina: I love you.

They hug again.

Christina: I’m pregnant.

Okay, maybe that leaves them some place to go. What are you HawthoRNe fans hoping to see in season 3? (Are there HawthoRNe fans?)