Image Credit: Danny Feld/TBSWell, send me straight to Crowley’s, PopWatchers, because I need a drink. Why? Because not only am I lamenting my decision to tape the VMAs over the My Boys season finale Sunday (curse you, ever-addictive time-slot competitor Mad Men!), but now my grief has been amplified upon finding out it was a series finale I missed. Yep, TBS has decided to cancel its charming laugher My Boys.

Like a baseball metaphor from PJ (Jordana Spiro), however, we saw it coming. TBS buried My Boys by airing it in the competitive 10 p.m. Sunday slot. It’s a shame, especially considering how season 4 truly hit it out of the park. (Sorry.) Talk about a swing and a miss, TBS! (Sorry. Yet again.)

Unlike many sitcoms whose glory days occurred in the first few seasons on air (Friends, How I Met Your Mother, etc.), My Boys took a while to mature — but then did it beautifully. In 2006, very few of us watched as an awkward, offbeat 30 minutes of comedy premiered on TBS, inspiring a love-it-or-hate-it attitude from TV watchers. But, in the four years since, My Boys had truly blossomed into a laugh-out-loud comedy on par with the best and highest-rated sitcoms on television. It was funnier than Two and a Half Men. More relatable than Sex and the City. And, somehow, even sweeter than The Big Bang Theory. Heck, most devotees even felt a personal connection to PJ, Mike, Andy, Brando, Stephanie, Kenny, and Bobby. (All of us tomboys have friends who are douche-y, sarcastic, emo, perky, romantic, and just downright sweet. My Boys characters — they’re just like us!) Sadly, the show couldn’t bag CBS-esque ratings, even though I tried to to convince you all to tune in. For the love of Mike Fontenot, I tried, PopWatchers!

But, for now, I’ll have to simply thank My Boys for the memories. Thanks, PJ, for representing us women who aren’t all about shoes, babies, and pratfalls. Thanks, Kenny (Michael Bunin), for inspiring me to clean out my closet and throw away my ugly Christmas sweater. And thanks, Bobby (Kyle Howard), for convincing us that there are men out there who are funny, smart, and successful — with dimples. (We hope!)

Of course, the show’s cancellation does free up our favorite My Boys stars to move onto other projects. So, please, Hollywood, give Bunin a secondary role in an A-list rom-com, Jamie Kaler his own It’s Always Sunny-esque FX comedy, Reid Scott a role in a prominent ABC drama, Kellee Stewart a part on Community, and Kyle Howard a role alongside fellow sweet-guy Zachary Levi on Chuck. And please allow star Spiro a second chance to find out that Love Bites. (As for Jim Gaffigan — well, he’s as hot as a hot pocket in Hollywood, so I’d say he’ll be fine.)

TBS, you might be able to yank the series off the air, but, sorry, nothing you can say can tear me away from My Boys. At least not the DVDs.