You never know where Kanye West is going to pop up lately. One night he’s debuting an awesome new song at the VMAs in Los Angeles, the next he’s rocking New York City’s Yankee Stadium with big bro Jay-Z — and on Sept. 26, the rap superstar is heading back to scenic Stoolbend, Va. More precisely, it’s his cartoon alter ego, “Kenny West,” who’s returning to that fictional town for the season two premiere of Fox’s The Cleveland Show. For an exclusive sneak peek at West’s animated guest appearance, available only right here at the Music Mix, read on.

As you may recall from this spring, when he first appeared on The Cleveland Show, Kenny West is a local rapper on the rise. But by season two, Kenny’s career is on the rocks. His savior is none other than our hero Cleveland Brown, who helps Kenny write a hit single called, ahem, “Be-Cleve in Yourself.” Hit the jump to see Kanye/Kenny perform the inspirational banger (“My game was timid, now my flow much bolder/Got a chubby brown angel on my shoulder”) with Cleveland as his hypeman. Pretty funny, no?

The Cleveland Show‘s second season premiere airs Sept. 26 at 8:30 P.M. Eastern/Pacific on Fox. Are you looking forward to tuning in? How does “Be-Cleve in Yourself” stack up next to the real Kanye West’s recent music? Speak up in the comments, below.

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