By Kristen Baldwin
Updated September 15, 2010 at 07:12 PM EDT
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Rose lovers, have I got a story for you. As some of you may know, I was none too pleased to see that ABC had granted Jake “Quivering Jaw of Rage” Pavelka more airtime on Monday’s finale of Bachelor Pad (he served as a judge during the Dancing with the Stars-themed challenge). Well, it has come to my attention — via a very polite email from an ABC bigwig — that Jake taped the Bachelor Pad gig mere hours before his explosive confrontation with Vienna, and that ABC actually considered not airing the uncomfortably hostile interview. (Oh, the horror!) Here’s what really went down:

“It was so funny you would ask about us having Jake judge the dance competition after the debacle of the interview with Vienna. The funny thing about that is we shot the dancing competition the SAME night. The dancing competition was shot at around 9pm and the interview was well after midnight. After the interview (and Jake) went completely off the rails we decided not to air the interview, knowing that he was going to be appearing in Bachelor Pad. When all the stories came out speculating he raised his fist to Vienna we had to air the interview just to put that to rest and just cut Jake (and the rest of the fabulous judges) WAY back.”

Talk about the most dramatic night… EVER! Do I still wish that ABC had placed a big blue dot over Jake’s face and distorted his voice to sound like the Zingbot so that fame-seeking weasel did not get the benefit of more airtime? Sure. But it certainly does make me feel better to know that ABC didn’t invite Jake to visit Bachelor Pad after he went all American Psycho on Vienna. What about you, rose lovers?

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