Image Credit: David Friedman/Getty ImagesIn the days of Netflix, Apple TV, and Redbox, brick and mortar DVD rental shops are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that 33 percent of independently owned video rental stores boast tanning beds in order to boost revenue and remain in business. One third! That is an absolutely horrifying statistic.

I am completely blindsided by this strange pairing: tanning beds and DVD rentals. I can understand a couple of inspired shop owners creating this as a gimmick to attract customers, especially in an area near the Jersey Shore house, but one third of all video rental shop owners doing this? When did I miss the memo that this was the next biggest business venture? I guarantee that if I had pitched an idea like this in my college entrepreneurship class, my professor would’ve stared at me blankly and told me to go back to the drawing board. And more importantly, where are these stores? If more than 3,500 video rental stores have tanning beds, they must exist in places nowhere near The Situation’s orange abs.

Instead of installing some tanning beds to boost revenue, this past winter, my hometown’s mom and pop-owned DVD rental store opened a liquor store on the side. (Our local gym, on the other hand, has the tanning beds. Thanks, suburbia, for allowing me to be one step away from having a one-stop GTL shop.) I think it’s great when mom and pop stores come up with a side business to stay afloat in tough times, but I still find in-shop tanning beds to be a little too Snooki for my tastes.

What do you think about a fake-and-bake-and-rent-a-movie combo, PopWatchers? Does your local video store offer this fine combo? What do you think video rental stores should offer to boost revenue?

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