Image Credit: George Burns/Harpo StudiosHelloooooo, Austraaaliaaaaaaaa! Oprah Winfrey announced on Monday that she and her entire audience would be making a trip Down Under, to the land where toilets flush backwards and Burger Kings are Hungry Jack’s. Now, this all sounds pretty ace, but Oprah’s antipodean adventure carries with it a pretty hefty price tag. According to Reuters, Australia’s tourism minister estimates that bringing The Oprah Winfrey Show to his country will cost the government more than $3 million. That’s $2.8 million in U.S. dollars.

Now, it’s likely that the temporary relocation will have the intended effect of helping to boost tourism, but we couldn’t help wondering what else Australians might have purchased with that kind of money. And seeing as most of what we at PopWatch know about the continent comes from Men at Work songs and Outback Steakhouse commercials, forgive us if our suggestions are more than a tad, er, stereotypical. For the cost of one Oprah-tastic week, Aussies could have gotten:

318,544 jars of Vegemite

5,600 surfboards

83,115 pounds of jumbo shrimp and 4,700 barbecue grills

290,115 knives

38,455 those aren’t knives, these are knives

33 custom-built Mad Max cars

What do you think PopWatchers? Looking at all these other possibilities, is Oprah worth it? More importantly, is my rampant, lazy stereotyping of the good people of Australia a bootable offense?

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