By Karen Valby
September 14, 2010 at 05:15 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Landmark/PR Photos; Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Tommaso Boddi/PR PhotosWhat is it about cigarette-puffing Madison Avenue types that screams capes and super powers? Today’s most exciting rumor award goes to the gloriously welcome idea of Jon Hamm pulling on blue tights and taking that shiny black hair of his on a ride through the sky. The Mad Men star’s lantern jaw has long been bandied about as an obvious fit for a Superman reboot, with director/comic book geek Kevin Smith wholeheartedly endorsing the prospect last year. Today, unconfirmed reports have begun swirling again that Hamm is being “seriously considered” for the David Goyer-penned script that Christopher Nolan is producing for Warner Bros. Unfortunately, Hamm’s rep tells us that the actor hasn’t talked to anyone about the role. “This is definitely false. So much speculation on these comic projects and 99% is wrong/wishful thinking!” the rep said via email. So as much as we’d love to see Hamm turn in his suit for a cape, at least for now, it will remain a dream.

However, Hamm’s icy on-screen ex Betty Draper has exchanged her oven mitt for a Russian fur hat. January Jones is currently filming her new role as White Queen Emma Frost in X Men: First Class. At the risk of blowing your geeky mind, dare I bring up the notion of Christina Hendricks snagging a role where she gets to kick actual ass? The scarlet-haired one, who has a quick supporting part in next month’s Life As We Know It, sent hearts aflutter when she expressed her desire to star in an action vehicle, “the sort of movie where I had to learn kung fu for three months.” Hollywood, please kick-start that long-gestating Wonder Woman adaptation. This woman was born to rock a red  bustier, blue satin trunks, and vinyl boots. Hendricks’ forehead, a work of anime in itself, practically begs for a gold crown! Can you imagine if she brought some of Joan’s blistering cool to the role of every girl’s favorite spinning superhero?

And if Hollywood continues to pluck from our ’60s Madison Avenue crew, where might some of our other Mad friends fit into the genre? Peggy, the faithful, lion-hearted friend, would make a proper Bat Girl. Pete Campbell is a natural dastardly villain for whom you feel secret sympathy, a man whose tender heart turned toxic when his lady left him and his father belittled him. Harry Crane is a tough one. I love the guy, despite and because of his oafy earnestness, but he might have to be someone’s butler.

Help me Super Friends. Let’s cast the likes of John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, and Vincent Kartheiser in the comic book world. Someone out there give the genius of Miss Blankenship her due and craft a graphic novel describing the adventures of a former hellcat. And while you’re musing fantastical, holler if you’re smitten by the idea of Superhamm. Weigh in if you’re already exhausted by the mere prospect of all the Facebook wall photos of the same people who dressed as Joan for Halloween now posing in boots, starred spandex and gold whip of justice?

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