So many things to look forward to on Wednesday’s two-hour Big Brother finale, like a final challenge, a bitter jury, and, of course, the incessant repeating of the word “Brigade” ad nauseam. Oh yeah, and a new winner! Will it be hairtastic snowboarder Hayden, weightlifting-loving Lane, or useless challenge competitor Enzo? We went to the ultimate Big Brother expert to get answers: THE ZINGBOT 3000! In this exclusive interview direct from the Diary Room, we asked the Zingbot for his (her? its?) thoughts on the final three as well as some insight into the Brenchel romance and dual Saboteurs. So for all you folks obsessed with one of the most ridiculous things to ever appear in the Big Brother house, this interview is for you. Just click on the video player below to unleash the madness. And for more (non-Zingbot related) reality ramblings, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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