Paranormal Activity 2 his theaters in five weeks, on Oct. 22. For those fans counting down the days (39), Paramount has updated the spooky trailer first unveiled in June. What’s new this time around? A creepy Easter egg involving the baby we first spotted in that crib. Unfortunately, the extra goody disappears when we embed the trailer here (below). But it’s there on the PA2 site if you know how to look for it. Which we do!

Here’s how: A little more than halfway through the trailer, after you see pots and pans dangling in the kitchen, and right when you spot the dog lying on the bedroom floor, move the playhead back a few seconds. It might take a couple of tries before it catches, but once it does, well, it creeped me out. It all goes by very quickly — and you can’t hit pause here — but the screen will shake and you’ll see a series of photos of the baby, held (presumably) by her mother, who in the very first shot has a bright green thumb. (Somehow, I doubt this is a clue to the sequel’s gardening subtext.) There’s also some blurry text and, when you hold the playhead still at just the right moment, you see the baby crawling next to what looks like a dancing figure. Creep-o. What does it all mean? You tell me, PopWatchers.