MythBusters, Discovery’s Emmy-nominated reality series, returns Oct. 6 with new episodes. According to a network release, the following myths will be either confirmed, deemed plausible, or busted this fall. I’ve bolded the five myths I’m most looking forward to seeing Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara test. Your picks?

• What really happens when you take candy from a baby?

• Can a 747 simulate the havoc of a real tornado? (A runner-up: Not something I’m dying to know, but they always have fun with destruction.)

• Can a sniffer dog be thrown off the scent using household items?

• Is it possible to recreate an ancient killing device in modern day America? (Note: If I knew what this meant, it would be a contender.)

• What happens when the poop literally hits the fan? (What kind of poop will they use? Dog? Cow? Horse?)

• Do people really get cold feet when they are afraid?

• Is 007 for real when he peels off his dive suit to reveal a perfectly pressed tuxedo? (I will be less upset by this than them busting the Real Genius house of overflowing popcorn.)

• Could your laptop save you from a speeding bullet? (I’m a writer in New York, this could be useful.)

• What is the safest way to sneeze without spreading germs?

• Is it really possible to pull a tablecloth out from underneath a set table (using a motorcycle)?

• If your car turns upside down in deep water, is it still possible to safely get out? (This is assuming someone actually gets in the car, wearing a scuba tank.)

• Can you really slap sense into someone? (Another runner-up: How will they test this exactly?)

• Is driving tired more dangerous than driving slightly inebriated? (I presume they’ll go method.)

• Do humans really use only 10 percent of their brain?