I can remember breaking a sweat to Jane Fonda’s workout videos as a child with my mom in our living room. (This is probably neck-and-neck with my mom and I seeing Madonna in concert as the gayest thing we’ve ever done together.) So, I’m pleased as punch to hear that Fonda, now 72(!) and looking fabu, is releasing a new series of workout videos this November, with senior-centric titles like Walk Out. The first photos have been released from the videos, and I’m already obsessed with this bizarre living room that she’s working out in, especially the Philippe Starck-esque chair she uses for leg lifts. But the big takeaway is that Fonda is still looking good — sure, she’s admitted to having work done but, if folks are gonna get plastic surgery, they should check out Fonda’s doctor. The dude (or dudette) knows what he/she’s doing.

Click below for a little flashback to Jane’s old-school videos…Stretch it out!

Are you excited for Fonda’s return to the exercise world, PopWatchers? Will you buy her new videos?