Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Taylor Swift “surprised” the audience at the VMAs (though word of the performance leaked last night) with a song “about” Kanye West’s now-all-too-infamous stage-crashing incident at last year’s ceremony. And a good thing word leaked yesterday, or we’d barely know this song she sang was vaguely, possibly, inspired-ish by said lapse in manners. The replay of the incident at the beginning of her appearance helped make it clearer, but then it was all moody lighting and red lipstick and sparkles. She looked gorgeous, as she is wont to do, but, um, the actual song was a pretty opaque: She seems to be saying Kanye “lost [his] balance on a tightrope” and “lost [his] mind trying to get it back” and also “who you are is not where you’ve been,” thus he is “still an innocent.” Perhaps the clearest reference to the rapper was when she said “32 is still growing up now” — lo and behold, he was that very age when he crashed the stage.

At any rate, she seems to have forgiven him: “Time turns flames to embers,” and “minds change like the weather — I hope you remember today is never late to be brand new.” So, yay. Let’s all toast to the (hopefully) final note in that moment that launched a thousand blog posts, apologies, and replays on YouTube. Everyone’s been wondering if her new album full of confessional tunes, Speak Now, would address the debacle — and now we have our answer! And she’s had the last word. There, don’t we all feel better now?

How do you feel, Music Mixers? Do you have proper closure on Taylor/Kanye-gate?