Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/ Did you get that heartwarming feeling that you’re about to start cheering for a comeback, even against your better judgment, when you saw Lindsay Lohan pop up in Chelsea Handler’s taped VMA opening? I’ll admit it: I did. There’s nothing like a Hollywood recovery story, and Linds took the first of those other 12 Steps — the steps toward pop cultural redemption — with her cameo. That is, she got to step in and save Handler’s opening from awkwardness — and when’s the last time Lohan actually got to save something? Maybe Handler tried to suck a little at the beginning just for this purpose? Is she that sneakily benevolent?

Lohan even got to take a self-aware jab at herself — a critical requirement for this particular kind of Step 1 — when she asked Handler why her ankle bracelet was going off. (“That just means my table’s ready at the Cheesecake Factory.”) Lindsay’s response? “Do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? Take it from me, they don’t.”

What did you think, PopWatchers? Did you like Lindsay’s VMA appearance? Could this be the beginning of a beautiful comeback?