Jane Lynch guest-starred on Nickelodeon’s iCarly last night, turning in a typically scene-chewing performance as Sam’s much-discussed, never-before-seen mom. She proved a perfect choice to play the tough-talking tomboy’s equally tough-talking mother — and, let’s face it, only Glee‘s Sue Sylvester could consider it showing her softer side to play a parent who responds to her kid saying, “My future’s gonna be just fine,” with, “Who told you that? Your parole officer?” Hey, at least there were no hair jokes.

But since no one’s about to doubt the spectacularness of Lynch, I’ll instead take this opportunity to note something even more striking about her guest stint: The fact that her onscreen daughter, Jennette McCurdy, held her own against the towering talent of the recent Emmy winner. (Lynch even seemed to be basing her performance on, essentially, doing a great impression of McCurdy’s hilariously rancorous character — she knows her iCarly well.) They traded barbs like two equals. (Mom: “Why don’t you take a bath?” Sam: “Because you didn’t pay the water bill.”) Point being, I hope Lynch’s appearance drew some unsuspecting Glee fans to the show and helped prove that iCarly isn’t just a kiddie series — it’s a genuinely funny sitcom that happens to be about teenage characters. Okay, and happens to be a touch goofy. What’s so wrong with goofy?

Did you watch, PopWatchers?

Image Credit: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon