By Ken Tucker
Updated September 11, 2010 at 03:23 PM EDT

The announcement that Roger Ebert is reviving At The Movies comes as welcome news to anyone who likes the idea of media criticism on TV. Ebert, working with his co-producer and wife Chaz Ebert, has created what looks like a promising format. The main critics moving their thumbs up and down will be NPR movie critic and master of the slicing sound-bite Elvis Mitchell and The Associated Press’ film critic Christy Lamire.

Ebert, who lost his lower jaw to cancer, will weigh in with reviews and recommendations as well. He’ll do it through a combination of his own vivid writing, his expressive enthusiasm, and technology. You can see how this will be accomplished in this clip, about four minutes in:

The other very smart addition to Roger Ebert Presents At The Movies is the presence of Kim Morgan, whose blog Sunset Gun is a constantly entertaining, surprising, and enlightening look at older movies. She’s exceptionally strong on the subjects of film noir, auteur directors, and what she prefers to call “women’s pictures.” For Roger Ebert At The Movies, her assessments will have you filling up your DVR or Netflix queue with solid recommendations. (Full disclosure: Morgan wrote some DVD reviews for EW when I was the DVD editor here.)

All in all, the new show, premiering January 2011, looks promising, don’t you think?

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