The actress/producer dishes on the special Oct. 14 episode

By EW Staff
Updated September 10, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

30 Rock

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Live from New York, it’s 30 Rock! On Oct. 14, star/exec producer Tina Fey and company will risk life, limb, and the wrath of NBC censors when they perform an episode completely live. We asked Fey, 40, for more details.

Why do a live episode?

We did a stage version of our show at Upright Citizens Brigade during the [2007] writers’ strike. That was what made us think that it would be fun to do. And how far we’ve come: NBC at the time was furious that we did it. Now we’re going to do it on TV. It will be exciting for us to do it for a live audience and see if we get live laughter. So we’re going to have to time out a live episode and hopefully have a little bit of laugh spread — or dead air. Either way. We’ll do an 8:30 show and an 11:30 show for the West Coast. We’ll probably change some jokes a little — on purpose, for fun — and some will change by accident. This personnel should be well equipped for it.

What’s the plot going to be?

It’s based around the evening of a live TGS episode. But we’ll see Jack’s office and a couple of our usual sets. There will still be flashbacks and that sort of thing, but we’re doing it differently, like having the actor run to a different set.

On another topic, how has Comcast [which is in the process of taking over NBC Universal] reacted to the jokes about ”Kabletown”?

The [Comcast] deal’s not done yet, but they seem to be a generous and fun-loving group with a good sense of humor.

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