Performances of Spider-Man Turn Off the Darkthe most expensive musical, and one of the medium’s most anticipated shows, in Broadway history — begin Sunday, Nov. 14, with the show’s opening set for Tuesday, Dec. 21. And, as if the din around the impending show hasn’t been huge for the past few years, now that an opening date has been announced and rehearsals are ramping up, the fervor for the musical is only getting crazier. Just look: The New York Times did an interesting look at Spider-Man, through the lens of its producer Michael Cohl.

Here’s a juicy tidbit from that story about the acrobatics-laced show’s rather out-of-control budget: “The cost of the musical, widely reported to be $50 million, will have grown by an additional $10 million when all expenses are accounted for, Mr. Cohl said,” writes Patrick Healy. “He expected the running costs of Spider-Man to be slightly under $1 million a week — meaning that the show would need to have blockbuster sales on the scale of the top-grossing musical Wicked if he and his investors were to see a profit from the Broadway production alone.” To make sense of that, I’ve heard that a way to imagine how much that means in terms of Broadway math (which, as you might expect, is very different than television or movies) is that Spider-Man needs to sell out its theater at full ticket price for five years. That, my friends, is a feat that’s nearly unheard of on the Great White Way.

But there’s more! Bono and The Edge — who did the music for the show — and director Julie Taymor, as well as star Reeve Carney, appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today to talk about the show. The interviews, which you can watch below, reveal storyboards that show what the sets of the show will look like. In short, the sets look expansive and complicated. And the costumes for some of the villains, like Green Goblin and a new baddie Swiss Miss (yes!), were also shown by Taymor. Check out the videos here:

And all this brings me to my question: Are you excited to see this show, especially considering these new details and depictions of the sets and costumes? Did hearing from star Reeve Carney get you excited? Sound off in the comments below!

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