By Tim Stack
Updated September 10, 2010 at 10:21 PM EDT

On Sept. 6, rapper 50 Cent tweeted that, “Perez Hilton calld me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better.” Attached to his tweet was a photo of two men in tuxedos, running from an angry mob. (Here is what appears to be the original Hilton post that angered 50 Cent). The rapper’s post caught the attention of GLAAD who then asked that gays and allies tweet back, “RT @glaad: Tell @50cent to let his fans know that anti-gay violence isn’t something to joke about. #LGBT #gay Pls RT!”

Hilton tells EW, “Joking about violence is not funny. 50 Cent should stick to what he does best, rapping, and leave the funny business to comedians.”

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