September 10, 2010 at 10:40 PM EDT

Image Credit: Matthew Peyton/Getty ImagesMartha Stewart, everyone’s favorite lifestyle expert, has found a new home for season six of The Martha Stewart Show: the Hallmark Channel. The Emmy Award-winning show will also be anchored by two original series: Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer — a daily talk show with Alexis Stewart (who just so happens to be Martha’s daughter) and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt — and Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn, which will focus on family meals. Additionally, Stewart’s developing several holiday and interview specials to air this fall. But despite all the changes, Stewart said the Hallmark Channel is hardly turning into the Martha Stewart Network. “I just want the Hallmark viewers who are now the current viewers to realize that their favorite programming that’s being replaced by our programming will be on at just different times,” she said in a conference call with reporters last week. Here, Stewart talks about the upcoming changes and the new shows that premiere on Hallmark Monday Sept. 13.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why make the switch to Hallmark?

MARTHA STEWART: The daytime television landscape is very crowded. Network and syndication is sort of at a crossroads now. With Oprah making the announcement that she is going to move her programming to cable and with us announcing that we are already moving to cable and being active on Sept. 13 is an indication that many of us want to have stable time periods. Now we’ll be able to be seen everywhere at 10 a.m. and not be at the mercy of syndication. And, also, the Hallmark deal allows me to start really putting in one place the great programming, the lifestyle programming that I’ve always really wanted to do in our company.

Will there be any noticeable differences in the format of the show now that it’s on Hallmark?

Well, there shouldn’t be any. There’s no reason to make changes other than just [the] total evolution of the show. We want to be the same, wonderful, informative show that we’ve always been, with some very important new twists.

What can viewers look forward to this season?

I have two young men on the show that are — one’s a producer, one’s a personality on MTV — and they are my dates. We go on date night. And they take me to their kinds of places, and I take them to my kinds of places. It is a total education for all of us. And they’re very funny, funny dates. So date night with the two MTV guys is going to be very funny and interesting.

And to change the subject, what’s on your DVR?

I’m not addicted, but I’m interested in Mad Men, just because I lived through that era. And I like to see how accurate a depiction it is. It’s pretty good. And then I also have watched The Tudors with great interest. I like anything that has to do with history. And so to see historical drama like that is very fun. And I love some of the news programs on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, those guys.

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