September 10, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

A protégée of action icon Jackie Chan, the 31-year-old Q (real name: Margaret Quigley) is a huge star in China and now follows in the footsteps of Anne Parillaud, Bridget Fonda, and Peta Wilson as sexy hitwoman Nikita on The CW’s new thriller.

How did you land this role?
The process all happened really fast. It’s like on Monday I knew nothing about Nikita and on Friday I was starring in Nikita. It was that quick.

The ad campaign is basically you wearing very little clothing, holding a gun. Do you feel like the show’s fate rests on your bare shoulders?
Thanks! I’m scared now! [Laughs] My mind is all about work. I see those posters and I go, ”S—, I better live up to that hype!” Not by taking more clothes off, but by making something that people won’t forget.

Speaking of less clothing, one of the pilot’s memorable scenes has you kicking ass in a teeny-tiny red bathing suit. What was that like to film?
It was absolutely terrifying. Also, it was supposed to be a small scene, like a private party of seven or eight people. I get to set and there’s like a hundred hot extras with massive t–s and they’re gorgeous. And I was like, ”Really, you guys?!” Now I’m walking around set looking like a 12-year-old boy next to all these hot girls with huge boobs. I was so horrified.

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