The stars of ''Felicity'' and ''Arrested Development'' team up in a new sitcom

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated September 10, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

Will Arnett, 40, and Keri Russell, 34, run wild discussing their new comedy.

Will Arnett: Maybe initially it will scratch that Arrested Development itch, but it’s really about the relationship between this man and this woman and her child. Some people might not like it, but to those people I’d say, ”You’re really stupid.” No, I wouldn’t say that, of course.

Keri Russell: It’s about their differences and them coming together again, and the antics that follow.

WA: I play Steven Wilde, this irresistible, charming, handsome, debonair international playboy.

KR: I guess I’ll be getting the rewrites! I’m sure they’re on their way.

WA: Originally, the pilot started with my character about to commit suicide.

KR: Are you serious?

WA: Yeah, there’s an awareness in Steven that he’s kind of spiritually bankrupt. But [your character, Emmy] is all emotional life; she doesn’t have that practicality. She’s a woman who, almost to the detriment of her own child, has gone all over the world. Not that I want to say, ”Yeah, this show’s gonna be so deep and multilayered.” It’s a stupid comedy. That’s where it is like Arrested Development.

KR: There are miniature horses in the pilot. That’s all I need to say.