By Leah Greenblatt
Updated September 10, 2010 at 06:24 PM EDT
Utho Coxall/PR Photos

Image Credit: Utho Coxall/PR PhotosHe fought the law and the law… got wet. The internet is giddy today with news of la Biebs’ misbehavior, a relatively mild adolescent rebellion involving water balloons and several state troopers backstage before a performance at a Maryland state fair.

The bedazzlingly coiffed teen unicorn was reportedly “horsing around with members of his staff” outside his trailer when said water balloons were tossed at two state troopers, hitting one’s gun belt before bursting and glancing off the chest of another.

A state police spokesperson called Bieber’s behavior “inappropriate” but says they will not file an incident report or take any further action.

As pop-star scandals go, it’s pretty much that stuff that really, really boring episodes of Behind The Music are made of. But you tell us, readers—does it signal a growing sense of hubris and untouchability on Bieber’s behalf, or just ordinary teenage-boy hijinks?

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