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September 10, 2010 at 11:49 AM EDT

Image Credit: CBSHere we go…69 days into the season and we’re less than a week away from crowning this summer’s Big Brother champion. I can honestly say that at this stage of the game I have no idea which of the remaining three Houseguests will take home the prize. The only thing we know for certain is that it will be one of our Brigade alliance members.

Lane, Enzo and Hayden have six more days to compete, backstab and strategize their way into the $500,000 prize, which will be awarded during next Wednesday’s two-hour season finale.

But first…I was sad to see Britney, our last remaining female in the game, take a ride to the jury house this week. I feel a little sorry for her given the tension mounting inside the jury house – she’s walking into a firestorm now that Rachel and Ragan have been reunited. Britney was truly a tough competitor who should be proud of surviving for as long as she did within a season dominated by men.

Here’s a quick overview/preview of our three finalists as we head into our final week:


Hayden seems to be hitting his stride just at the right time. He’s been playing a strong mental game the entire season, but he’s clearly saved the best for last in terms of his physical play in competitions. I also believe he’s standing on pretty solid ground with many of the jury members, which means he could be tough to beat if he makes it to the final two.


There was no better moment to summarize a Houseguest’s play this season than when we saw Enzo eating soup on the sideline while Hayden and Lane battled it out during the first part of this week’s HOH. That pretty much says it all in terms of Enzo’s physical prowess this season. Having said that, Enzo is a likable guy who has played a strong social game and therefore he could garner just enough votes to carry him to a victory.


Lane adopted a similar strategy to Hayden throughout the course of the season. He also demonstrated a strong social game — flying under the radar without ruffling too many feathers — and now seems to be stepping it up in competitions. If Lane makes it to the final two against Enzo, I could see him winning this game. However, if he’s seated next to Hayden in the final two, he has a tougher road ahead of him.

The stage is set for a thrilling competition next Wednesday night as Lane and Hayden square off for the final (and most important) HOH of the summer. It seems fitting that Enzo will once again be sitting on the sidelines…you know I love ya Meow, Meow!


*I honestly might have nightmares about those Frankenstein photos we saw during tonight’s part 2 HOH. The mashup of Matt and Britney was especially disturbing.

*It’s fascinating to watch Ragan and Rachel when they are near one another. You can literally see them sizing each other up, while both wait for the other to make the first move so that they can start yelling at one another.

*Who is your pick for America’s Favorite Houseguest this season? Tell me below.

*Just heard a rumor that the Big Brother Zingbot is making an encore appearance during next week’s season finale. Love that Zingbot!


Hayden — “The brigade is dead…it’s every man for himself.”

Enzo on life after Big Brother — “I may just hold my baby so that the Houseguests don’t punch me in the face.”

That’s it for this week. Remember we have a special clip show on Sunday night and the LIVE two-hour season finale on Wednesday, Sept. 15 where we’ll find out who the jury feels played the best game and is worthy of walking away with $500,000 in their pocket.

Julie Chen hosts as the houseguests battle it out.
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