''The Event'' star talks about his late father and his epic new show

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On Joan of Arcadia and The Class, Jason Ritter, 30, proved himself a compelling ensemble player. Now the son of the late John Ritter is ready for the spotlight: playing a romantic Everyman hero hunting for answers (and his missing girlfriend) on NBC’s The Event.

So you were drawn to The Event, in part, because you were a Lost fan?
Huge Lost fan. I really miss those characters. What I’m excited about with our show is I am equally intrigued by our characters.

Do you think TV viewers are ready to take a chance on another serialized epic?
I had the same concerns. But you could tell from the pilot script that the writers have a master plan. It hasn’t let me down.

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
I thought I knew when I was 5. I think I just wanted attention.

What was the most important lesson your father taught you about the Hollywood life?
That it’s important to only believe about yourself what you know to be true, and not to buy into the good or the bad that’s written about you, because that’s when behavior gets crazy.

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