The new TV spot for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — which debuted during last night’s season premiere of The Vampire Diaries — is making the rounds, and while it doesn’t add all that much to the film’s chill-inducing full trailer, it works a similar vein of bleak desperation among the Hogwarts crew. See after the jump for the 30-second spot.

Is there anything creepier than Voldemort hissing, “I have seen your heart…and it is mine”? Among the fresh glimpses: A spectral Voldemort, a ghostly Dumbledore, and Hagrid and Harry on a motorbike. Perhaps it’s a measure of the film’s darkness, but the only moment of hope appears to be a friendly voiceover (Lupin?) saying, “You can’t fight this war on your own.” Presumably Harry will have plenty of help as the final chapters unfold. Just how excited are you for this?

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