By Ken Tucker
Updated September 10, 2010 at 07:51 PM EDT

The anticipation for the third season of Fringe just keeps increasing; I don’t know about you, but Sept. 23 can’t come quickly enough for me. The Fringe folks were kind (and devilishly teasing) enough to send us this preview of the new season, with some interesting clues dropped by the cast.

So now we know that the first four episodes will have two hours spent in the alternate universe and two in our world, alternating each week. We know that we’ll be seeing the crimson-drenched alt-Fringe Division solving entire cases on the other side. And we’re reminded that, over there, John Lennon is still alive.

Moreover, as producer Jeff Pinkner points out, the season grapples with an old notion — “the road not taken” — in a new way: We’ll see how, if our government and its citizens had made different decisions, life as we know it might have taken an utterly different course. It’s a venerable sci-fi trope, but one that Fringe is approaching from a unique angle. (Who knows? Maybe Eugene McCarthy would have defeated Hubert Humphrey in 1968 and been elected President, and American Idol would never have existed.)

What do you think of this glimpse into the near Fringe future, and are you looking forward to the season premiere?

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