September 10, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

TLC’s new series may star one of the most provocative personalities in the news today, but exec producer Mark Burnett says the focus will be on the former governor’s lifestyle, not her politics. ”Sarah Palin and Todd Palin live a real outdoor action lifestyle,” he explains. ”This is Alaska through their eyes. They think nothing of spending 20 hours on a fishing boat; it’s just normal to them.” Speaking of ”casting,” look for Kate Gosselin — in a not-so-subtle attempt to cross-promote her upcoming TLC series, Twist of Kate — to join Palin on a fishing trip. Otherwise, Alaska is supposed to be the real star of the limited series. ”This is nonpolitical,” insists Burnett. ”It really just happens to feature a fascinating family — who couldn’t be more in the public radar — doing their thing.” NOV. 14

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