September 10, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT

In his first series role since The Shield, Michael Chiklis plays Jim Powell, the patriarch of a family that mysteriously develops extraordinary powers during an overseas vacation. Jim, a police sketch artist, picks up superhuman strength; his scientist wife, Stephanie (Dexter‘s Julie Benz), gains superspeed; daughter Daphne (Summerland‘s Kay Panabaker) can read minds; and son JJ (Star Trek‘s Jimmy Bennett) is a freaking genius. The next evolution of Heroes? Not really, explains Chiklis, though he thinks fans of the NBC show will like it. ”I really see this first and foremost as a family show that has a police procedural and superhero element wrapped around it,” says the star. That makes sense, given that Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters) is one of the exec producers. ”We have this really warm, heartfelt family show at its core, but with great comedic and dramatic possibilities with action.” SEPT. 28

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