Between a word limit and seemingly never ending abbreviations (“FF” means “Friday Follow”?), tweets can sometimes be 140-character riddles wrapped in abbreviated enigmas.

But thank goodness for English50Cent, a new account that attempts to translate the rapper’s rants and raves, all using the Queen’s good word, turning them into bites of Shakespearean gold. Take a gander:

Real 50: My baby moma sent me nude pics. Damn I aint eat all day cause of that. What is the world coming too

English 50: The mother of my child has sent me naked pictures of herself which I found distasteful. I also worry about the future of mankind.

Real 50: Soulja and fab kicked it they cool now aint no more beef you c–k suckers have a nice day lol

English 50: Soulja and Fab have reconciled their differences, but have run out of meat. Warm regards to my homosexual followers. *laughs*

Twitter-ers, will you start following the Queen?

Photo: Solarpix/PR Photos