By Archana Ram
September 10, 2010 at 07:40 PM EDT

Okay, Ellen DeGeneres: You’re starting to make me feel pretty useless. After all, you already have plenty on your resume — I’m fairly certain you’re the world’s only stand-up comedian/sitcom star/talk show host/awards show host/reality TV judge/reality TV guest judge. (Phew. So many slashes!) Also, you’re the second non-Oprah person in history to ever grace the cover of O magazine (with Oprah by your side, natch).

But, on top of all that, you’ve made four recent surprise guest appearances, popping up on Letterman, Broadway, television, and the runway. Seriously — is there anything you can’t do, Ellen?

Let’s run this down: Last month, you danced your way through a routine with tWitch during the So You Think You Can Dance finale. And this week, you hosted the Late Show‘s Top 10 on Tuesday; appeared on Broadway in a guest appearance for Promises, Promises the same night; and walked the runway at the Richie Rich fashion show last night for New York Fashion Week.

Where else are you going to pop up next, Ellen? Or are you standing behind me right now?

Photo: Frank Micelotta/Fox; Michael Rozman/Warner Bros; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images