We’ve seen it all by now. A heist movie about bank robbers doing one last job, a romantic comedy about successful women who need to find a man, a samurai-western-noir-fantasy based on a centuries-old Japanese puppet theater tradition starring Woody Harrelson…wait, that last one sounds new! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Bunraku, a film which (to judge by these photos) looks a little bit like A Fistful of Dollars and Kung Fu Hustle shot like Sin City with a curiously familiar cast: Josh Hartnett plays the Eastwood-ish protagonist, Woody Harrelson plays a bartender, and Demi Moore, Kevin McKidd, and the great Ron Perlman are also in the mix. The film doesn’t currently have a U.S. release date, though it’ll be playing at the Toronto International Film Festival. Check out some more intriguing photos after the jump.

I want Kevin McKidd’s outfit. He’s playing a character named Killer 2. It’s that kind of movie. Hi, Demi!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a total sucker for movies where the evil minions dress like renegades from a Michael Moorcock book cover.


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